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May 3, 2014 5:00pm PDT
playing ski applicant of the crimes conducted by radicals in the tech said that russia's legal forms of protest is in the east now i'm likely to do so on. i fought all the vehicles elsewhere in the region is the army advances against dissent in this if you come across what's denounces the upsurge in ukraine's lot and some politicians but the blame for friday's tragedy. all the victims themselves the show. eighty two to distort this might have it when it's eleven pm last night looking up the internationally. making up coverage against monday's developments in ukraine the southern city of the deaths of his more than that. dozens killed on friday in on rex that engulfed the previously peaceful area these people may find some live pictures coming up in the beginning of something violent confrontation between pro and anti government protests is and that is more than forty people being done to lie to the barricade the trade union building. michael masters two molotov cocktails into the wind is about building a friend to get back to the stupid things that you can see it simple. five people
May 3, 2014 3:00pm PDT
possibility of a civil war in ukraine and that borders russia. towns were overrun by armed separatists who believe those towns should be russians. this is happening not on the border but more than 150 miles into ukraine. it's after midnight in ukraine now. government leaders are promising that active military operations will continue when the sun comes up. dozens of civilians and separatists have been killed in the fighting so far and people who live in the region are being told to stay in their homes for safety. as i said a minute ago a team of military monitors from the osce was taken hostage more than a week ago but they are now free. they were held against their will by ukrainian separatists who are trying to take over their cities and their towns. on the phone with me now is michael bossercue. a spokesman for the organization of safety and cooperation in europe. thank you for joining us. the condition of your colleagues who were released today, were any of them hurt? >> hi don. thank you for asking. of course, we are delighted that they are free and they are fine. they are actually on
May 3, 2014 2:00pm PDT
is looming. i am talking about eastern ukraine. a part of the country that borders russia. these ukrainian soldiers are rolling through one of several towns overrun by armed separatists who believe the towns should be russian. this is not right on the border, it is happening more than 150 miles into ukraine. dozens of people have been killed and people who live there are basically hiding out in their own homes. meanwhile, a team of international military observers that were held hostage more than a week by the pro-russian forces are now free. cnn's arwa damon is in eastern ukraine. >> reporter: that 12 member osce team finally freed, they had been taken hostage april 25th, accused by the self proclaimed mayor of being nato spies. on their release, he referred to them as guests. they appeared to be tired, but said they had been treated fairly well. the german foreign minister thanking the efforts of russian envoy and ensuring their release. the number two for the osce commission saying this is an example of how important negotiations are. but elsewhere throughout the country, we're seeing v
Al Jazeera America
May 3, 2014 4:00pm EDT
evidence of what looked like a day of heavy fighting between ukrainian soldiers and pro-russia separatists. vehicles and tires had become makeshift barricades set alight to try to keep the government troops at bay. >> there were a lot of victims from both sides, from the civilians and fighters. people were going to work were going to injured. there were a lot of injured and a lot of dead. they were shooting from the tanks at buildings for about half an hour. >> a stockpile of petro bombs was on hand to throw at any soles that kale fear. it didn't stop the advance of armored vehicles, nor did the chants of residents. checkpoints are controlling traffic in and out. not all traffic has been halted. after eight days in captivity, a convoy carrying a team of osce observers did make it through. on a roadside north of donetsk, they embraced freedom with an overpowering sense of relief. a cable choreographed handover bringing an end to the eight-day captivity of the osce observers. >> you can't imagine. it's happiness. deep relief. on the situation, it was really tough. the last two nights, as we
May 3, 2014 12:00pm PDT
and requests from southern, from people requesting significance. russia says it needs russian language speakers all across ukraine if it feels tear interests are threatened. of course, russia has this is a risk of the ukrainian military. russia has tens of thousands of troops positioned in key areas on the other side of the border in western russia. at any moment, should they give them the moment to invade, they could do that. at the moment no such order has been given. the kremlin is saying they don't know what to do. they're trying to assess what their next move will be. there has been a conversation between john kerry and his counterparts here. he is calling on secretary of state kerry to do everything to do to stop that military infiltration in western ukraine. >> thanks very much. all right, back in this country hollywood has the oscars. tonight the washington correspondence dinner. plus, flight 370 will look different. what that will likely involve in this next phase next. [ hypnotist ] you are feeling satisfied . o a u.s. military tells the bluefin drone looking for flight 370 will be us
May 3, 2014 7:00am PDT
. fredricka. >> nick paton-walsh, thanks so much. this violence comes a few weeks after ukraine and russia and western countries reached a peace deal. now russia says the deal is dead. the spokes man for vladimir putin said the military movement is the last nail in the coffin. matthew chance is joining us from moscow. matthew, it is hard to tell what putin is doing to use the violence to push the deal out the window. what is happening here? >> reporter: actually, within the past few minutes, a statement issued by the foreign ministry which lavrov, the foreign minister said, look, the geneva agreement is the best way of deescalating the situation in eastern ukraine. a phone conversation with kerry and lavrov. he called on the united states to use everything within its power to get the authorities to end the military operations in eastern ukraine. this comes after the terrible deaths that took place in odessa. nearly 40 people killed. pro-russian supporters in a government building inside and torched by a pro-kiev supporters. that is not gone down well. the kremlin condemned the action. the
May 3, 2014 5:00am PDT
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May 3, 2014 6:00am EDT
at the white house. the two leaders discussed sanctions against russia over the situation in ukraine and the future of relations between the u.s. and germany. this is 30 minutes. >> good morning, everybody. it is always a great pleasure to welcome my friend chancellor merkel to the white house. germany is one of our strongest allies and angela is one of my closest partners. with her indulgence, i want to start by making two brief comments. first, as president, my top priority is doing everything we can to create more jobs and opportunity for hard-working families for our economic strength as a source of strength in the world. this morning, we learned our businesses created 277,000 new jobs last month. all told, our business is now created 9.2 million new jobs over 50 consecutive months of job growth. the grit and determination of the american people are moving us forward but we have to keep a relentless focus on job creation and creating more opportunities for work and families. there is plenty more that congress should be doing from raising the minimum wage to creating good construc
May 3, 2014 2:00am PDT
the standoff between the country's military and pro-russia activists has taken an even more violent turn in recent weeks. the interior minister says it's offensive to drive out what it calls terrorists from slovyansk. on friday, at least nine people were killed, including the pilots of two helicopters shot down by pro-russia separatists. the violence has spread to the southern port city of odessa as well. you're seeing some of the images into us from there. activists who support the government in kiev slashed with pro-russia supporters. a fire at a trade union building, that's what you're looking at now, killed at least 31 people. and we have these new developments into cnn. a team of military observers from the organization for security and cooperation in europe, the osce, they've been held captive in eastern ukraine for more than a week. well, there are reports now that they have been freed. pro-russia separatists accuse them of being nato spies. senior international correspondent nick paton walsh is near slovyansk. he joins us on the phone now and can speak to us. nick, tell us, what'
May 3, 2014 12:00am EDT
today, the united nations security council held a meeting on russia's intervention in ukraine and the recent violence there. we heard remarks from u.s. ambassador samantha power but begin with comments from the israeli ambassador -- ambassador. this is about an hour and a half. >> it has to do with the punitive military operations with the use of terrorists from the co-fascist right sector as well as other national -- organizations against their own people in ukraine. the subunit of the ukrainian force is using tanks and other -- and other heavy artillery. striking protesters and entrenching fighters. misadventures are not quickly stopped than the cottage gothic context cannot be avoided. punitive measures against their own people, to carry out its obligations under the geneva ss to the inability or lack of desire to carry out its obligations under the geneva declaration for a swift halt of all violent and launching a broad, national dialogue with regis and political forces. if anyone is doubting, now today it is definitely clear that the begineclarations need to nationwide di
May 2, 2014 10:00pm EDT
welcome the visit of secretary general feldman to russia. we believe it is time that it is a priority. it is the priority and we should avoid any further escalation of the prices by beginning dialogue with a view to contributing to peace andation of stability so that the elections can take place on the 25th of may. >> i think the representative of statement. >> thank you, mr. president. president, the situation in ukraine has. it in the past few hours. launched forces have have continued to seize public buildings and cities in eastern ukraine. the prosecutor's office is even occupied by the militants. they killed the two crew members. the osce military observers are still illegally obtained -- detained. we are deeply concerned by all these developments which further deteriorate the delicate situation in eastern ukraine. we strongly condemn the violence and by armed securities call for the appropriate response by the ukrainian forces. put our fullhould support behind the good officials of the secretary-general in resolving the crisis in ukraine. mr. feldman is going to ukraine. i call
May 2, 2014 7:00pm PDT
at the us president and the visiting german chancellor said about the threat of tougher sanctions on russia. barack obama going up the prospect of measures targeting defence and finance. this is in ukraine to govern helicopters were shot down the aisle to get defensive. it's a good sled dogs has also been deadly stuff streaking up the southern port city of deaths. at least three killed there. also the newsletter may not have a new president can lay claim to the minister along with most eligible bachelor. the actions of george clooney's impeachment to human rights attorney and all of the team. i was char while ago here on false and get you her press conference from the white house. a lot of it. reacting to what's been up friday of escalation in both eastern and southern ukraine. in the port of odessa. three killed in clashes between pro russian protesters and supporters of ukrainian unity. meanwhile anton offensive by government forces on the eastern city of sled dogs marks for the shooting down two ukrainian helicopters kids security services when one was hit by a surface to air missiles. o
May 2, 2014 8:00pm EDT
spoken out forcefully and against russia's illegal actions in ukraine and you have been a leader in the european union as well as an indispensable partner in the g7. your presence here today is a reminder that our nations stand united. we are united in our determination on coordinated sanctions. we are united on our unwavering article five commitment to the security of our nato allies including german aircraft joining nato patrols over the baltics. we are united in our support for ukraine including the very important imf program approved this week to help them stabilize and reform its economy. as ukrainian forces move to restore order in eastern ukraine, it is obvious to the world that these russian groups are not peaceful protesters. they are heavily armed militants who are receiving significant support from russia. the ukrainian government has the right and responsibility to uphold law and order within its territory and russia needs to use its influence over these paramilitary groups of they disarm and stop. evoking provoking violence. let me say that we are also united in our
May 2, 2014 2:00pm PDT
russia today and that trigger is the continued destabilization inside ukraine to the point that it would impede crucial elections in ukraine set for may 25th, about three weeks from now. and as the u.s. sets this new red line, the u.s. and russia are moving further apart in their views of the situation. the u.s. is blaming russia. russia blaming the u.s. today you have the president saying that clearly russia must be involved and they must be peaceful if they have missiles to shoot down helicopters. meanwhile, russia's ambassador to the u.n. accusing the u.s. of orchestrating the violence. he made the point that every time a u.s. official visits kiev, that the violence on the ground increases. you also have western officials taking a more darkly humorous look at the events tweeting ukrainian helicopters shot down in slovyansk, some elderly ladies must have bought rpgs at the grocery store, i assume. this is dark humor. they have a way to push back against the russian propaganda and it's really enflaming the ground and it's to support the paramilitaries and we're seeing the effects right
May 2, 2014 1:00pm PDT
to come down harder on russia if moscow does not quit meddling in ukraine. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. as pro russia protesters shoot helicopters out of the sky, germany's chancellor angela merkel talks about squeezing more sanctions on russia. >> jeb, if you need some advice, give me a call. >> increasingly it seems that republican donors may be inclined to and the pop culture lead, do you think this gives you a respectability that you didn't have before? >> absolutely not. >> joel mchale has something to make fun of, us, the host of "the soup" and the star of "the community" drops by "the lead" ahead of the white house correspondents' dinner. good afternoon, everyone. i'm jake tapper. we'll begin with the world lead. death in ukraine. 31 people died at a trade union building while the cause is not perfectly clear, odessa is currently being torn apart by rioting and clashes between ukrainian royalists and pro-russia activists with thousands positioned near the eastern border. but right here in the u.s., president obama and german chancellor angela merkel meeting
May 2, 2014 4:00pm EDT
by the u.s.? washington may times attempted to tell russia where and how military troops should write. the white house was insulted by our appeal to the government to withdraw from eastern ukraine. washington has always requested elected in ainely coverage. logic is very strange used against civilians. and by a government that has no legitimacy. the representative of that you did not go much further than the american colleagues. talking about the state's monopoly over the use of force. this statement can only be called provocation. it seems that the high representative not only did not was supportingt those that perpetrated the coup d'État. the u.s. and the eu, their great responsibility is strong in the past. the categorical refusal of washington is totally non-fortuitous. running counter to the geneva declaration of 17 april. dialogueontinuation of . what could be a more striking force? of the use of and the signers of the geneva declaration, to not commit a look atror and take a possible consequences of their actions. and stop the district of policy with respect to the ukraine. an
May 2, 2014 2:00pm EDT
on a number of issues. in particular on sanctions against russia over the intervention in ukraine. the ap saying that the president says violence escalating in eastern ukraine is making it obvious to the world that pro-russian militants are not peaceful protesters. he voiced his support for the ukrainian government on the day of its first major offensive aimed at driving out the insurgents occupying government buildings across the east of ukraine. we will hear from the german chancellor in just a bit. she will be introduced i thomas dunne eu, the president and ceo of the chamber of commerce. we bring you a conversation on sanctions and their effectiveness on foreign policy. the president is meeting with chancellor angela merkel. >> german companies always opposed sanctions against iran and it is no surprise that they are opposing sanctions against russia. germany ruthlessly pursued its mercantile interest and the lobbyist wrong. it is a very strong economic relationship between germany and russia. including the former german chancellor. he is making money helping national gas -- natural g
May 2, 2014 12:00pm EDT
such a strong partner on this issue. you have spoken out forcefully and against russia's illegal actions in ukraine and you have been a leader in the european union as well as an indispensable partner in the g7. your presence here today is a reminder that our nation stand united. we are united in our coordinateon on sanctions. we are united on our unwavering article five commitment to the security of our nato allies including german aircraft joining nato patrols over the baltics. we are united in our support for ukraine including the very program approved this week to help them stabilize and reform its economy. as ukrainian forces move to restore order in eastern ukraine, it is obvious to the world that these russian groups are not peaceful protesters. they are heavily armed militants who are receiving significant support from russia. the ukrainian government has the right and responsibility to uphold law and order within its territory and russia needs to use its influence over these paramilitary groups of they disarm and stop evoking violence. let me say that we are also united in our o
May 2, 2014 12:00pm EDT
and then the lady behind him. >> hi, i'm ira >> gorbachev did raise the question shouldn't russia join nato also, and james baker pooh-poohed him, and anytiming having made a mistake, james baker later regreated that and -- regretted that and said he should have engaged gorbachev on that question. one of the first acts of the yeltsin government in december 1991 was to raise the question of nato membership, the foreign ministry later said it was a mistranslation, but officials assured me that, in fact, it was a true translation, they just had to withdraw it because it became such a political embarrassment for yeltsin and if or you personally -- and for you personally. i am wondering how much damage has been done by our lack of engagement with russia on the question of a serious integration with russia and its interests with nato. >> first of all, i cannot agree more on your statement, thank you so much. [laughter] and secondly, i agree with the assumption of your question, yes. that's the point, and that's where i technically agree, and i see the point of putin when he says that we had kind of, w
May 2, 2014 9:00am PDT
stiffer sanctions, sanctions on the various sectors of russia's economy, the mining sector and believes that would have a bigger bite than sanctions implemented so far which largely target individuals. russia has been hesitant to move forward with stiffer sanctions because they are far more dependent on russia for things like oil than the united states is. so that is where the divide comes in. president obama has said he doesn't want to move forward without his european allies because he wants to present a united front to russia. the u.s. calculation being that that is far stronger than if the u.s. were to move forward unilaterally with those sectoral sanctions but germany is the linchpin here. so president obama will be trying to do some arm twisting. as you say, another issue that might come up the nsa, the two leaders could discuss the fact that german chancellor merkel was quite upset by the revelations that her cell phone had been happened. but the issue of ukraine will overshadow all of the other issues. >> and jean cummings, you've covered economics in the business world for so m
May 2, 2014 7:00am PDT
to discuss tougher sanctions against russia over issues with ukraine. chancellor merkel is viewed as a pivotal figure in the standoff. >>> and a rockford, ohio, teen gives his great-grandmother the gift of a lifetime. austin dennison took his great-grandmother delores to his senior prom because she never got to go when she was in high school. this is great home video. start crying now, savannah. the two slow dancing together while the others looked on. an incredible gesture there. the night started with dinner at bob evans, one of her favorite places to go eat. the two, get this, they were home by 9:00 p.m. >> that's my dream night right there. >> just what her father said. better be home by 9:00. >> what a sweetheart. i just love that. what a great young man. he should be applauded. >> good man. >> not to mention he probably won all the girls after that. total ploy for the girls. >> should we turn to carson for the weather. >> no problem. let's check out the weather. >> exactly. there he goes. >> i don't know where to go. >> we have al roker, he's at churchill downs in louisville
May 2, 2014 6:30am PDT
in russia as the trading prices rumbles on and at the age of rocks once more cocoa powder and radicals are suspected to be behind the nation's charter shake up the supper of the nigerian capital nineteen people have been killed as a car bomb just makes you happy the traffic streets. i welcome today's please update your own food think adds to the ukrainian ministry helicopters had been shot dead during an assault near the rebel held town of the pm this friday to get the cars is confirmed two pilots died. it's the first major operation against progress in the sense that seized government building in a dozen cities across the eastern ukraine. bean pot the kremlin has an answer represents to the president who has been traveling to the eastern ukraine for negotiations. a spokesman on the stinky assault saying is that killed off the east west to beat the court. thompson has more on events. manning barricades on the outskirts of some don't. this all ukrainian national forces launched an operation to retake the eastern town from for russia medicines interior minister on some of the cult paste
May 1, 2014 4:00pm EDT
are members, including russia, and the countries of central asia. i am increasingly alarmed at the deterioration of the situation in eastern ukraine, particularly in the dancin the dansk region 9 buildings have been seized. late last week seven members of the german-led osce vienna document inspection team charged with observing unusual military activities along with five of the ukrainian escorts were kidnapped by pro-russian militants. one observer has been freed. the rest continue to be held hostage. russia an, an osce member, has t lifted a finger to secure their release. ness no doubthere is no doubt id that if puti putin could have hm released. this must continue to be condemned. and everything possible must be done to secure their release. in addition to the osce observers, 40 people -- journalists, activists, police officers, politicians -- are reportedly being held captive in makeshift jails in sloviansk. meanwhile, the violence continues. peaceful protesters marching in favor of ukraine's unity were attacked by thugs wielding whips resulting in 15 seriously injured.
May 1, 2014 5:00am PDT
dancing with the sounds of russia and referendum. this effort is deeply sleeping in like with brush and ricotta and one sticks playing inside and the high street and back at me every. was stoning death like this what smashing glass windows and doors. according to the local media want us and stopped at a goat head injury. around three thousand people on this plan yet the administration on its roof and in the enclosed porch at the moment. many of them pulled in but she likes and enjoy the picts. in n out one of the stage of the highest regional administration separate if captured the town console him for the mice. he also told the national flag off and put the gun out of the so called two behinds people's republic was at the news about tiki player can id card debts the condition of their internal organs of the wanted men yet does not raise the sons and on the israeli doctors. this was reported in a social match won by the spokesman. hope i can say to console your ease the door and the patient was transported to one of the clinging to him hi fi at night. it's really don't diss things u
May 1, 2014 7:00am EDT
on suspicion of spying, russia has yet to comment. angela merkel asked president putin in a phone call to help the detained. his response, kiev must withdraw military units from the southeast and launch a national dialogue. theirs monetary fund has approved a $17 billion bail out to ukraine to help the country's struggling finances. we have the first correspondent nick childs with this. >> a march for peace and unity as this crisis continues. this earlier, predawn exercise for cameras and news the kiev authoritys have detained russia's military attache for allegedly spying and told him to leave the country. this may look impressive, but in the east, the security services seem unable or unwilling to control events. the words of alarm and accusation against moscow for ukraine's ministers grows stronger. >> practically we're already at war after what happened in crimea. the activities we now see in eastern ukraine with separatists groups supported by russia, this is war. >> reporter: government buildings in eastern ukraine continue to fall to pro russian separatists. among thebi$j also in one of
May 1, 2014 6:00am EDT
russia party and back trade union. this is the first time they've had the event like this since 1991. workers in seoul held a rally to understand better working conditions but also to commemorate victims of the sunken ferry. thousands of workers gathered in front of the train station chanting slogans protesting the government's labor policies. >>> bangladesh, hundreds of workers took part in a rally demanding higher wages, better and safer conditions at work. 1,100 died last year when the illegally constructed rana plaza collapsed. >>> one of the ireland's most prominent politicians and a man conducted by the ira jean mcconville who disappeared in 1972. police investigating a murder are continuing to question the president, gerry adams, key in politics in northern island. he's denied any involvement in her death. >> the murder of jean mcconville, mother of 10 and rumored to have been abducted by the ira cast a shadow on gerry adams. last night he volunteered himself to the police for questioning. >> i'll tell that i'm innocent totally of any part in the abduction, killing or burial o
May 1, 2014 4:00am EDT
.2%, actually effectively saying the country is in recession right now. do you agree with that? >> for russia, yes, i believe they are in a recession. >> for russia. >> we'll know more about the first quarter later this month. i wouldn't be surprised to see it fall again in the second quarter. we know it was about $750 million there. in the second quarter it will still be significant. >> how has this not gone back into ukraine, the funding they need, when russia clearly is at the moment trying to destabilize the economy and create a federal country? >> well, this is what's facing ukraine. on the one hand it's a brink of crisis with macro economic problems. this is a huge program, $17 billion is massive, well over ukraine's quota at the imf and it should free up additional funding, too, from the world bank and eu and from bilateral governments, too, from the u.s. as well. but this has all gone on the economic side. there's a political angle to all of this, too. really. the center is now losing control. this is the worry in development over the past week or so, that these, the country is now cl
Apr 30, 2014 5:30pm PDT
with the pro russian militias if you know. i must tell you that russia is not involved in school we often hear that there are special forces their instructors zealand by state that there are neither instructors nor special forces nor troops so ukraine's president is convinced of the opposite and he thinks russia is preparing to invade russia has placed tens of thousands of troops near its border with ukraine. shares of the store. this picture there is a real threat of russia beginning a land war against ukraine. to pray. our armed forces have been put on full military alert each. had she not added that police were unable to reassert control of the areas of eastern ukraine taken over by pro russian separatists and masked men at sea as the administration and police building in yet another town car lift up roy strong sign of key as ineffectiveness came before the referendum announcement when ukraine's acting president admitted that control the ball is logan's scandal in its regions have slipped out of the central government and now in the mask itself a pro russian group has declared an independen
Apr 30, 2014 5:00am PDT
ukraine and supplies from russia not started yet. policy of this midrash and licenses for this correspondence no more. a q and a promise to lead to changes of my sis has already became obvious that he has had to run and run the cd searching for it might kill scenes but they do when they find it save it failed to injury sixpence almost every scene from tnt series trucks some of them gets more expensive leahy her sons' sons and my sister percent every two bit more expensive in amongst us. what women to us and you see a thing. there are no problems was too which for now there is enough for me to try are changed almost every day. potatoes carrots and me too attached to him in the south. cucumbers are local so they can get up and down the coast was fourteen for defining our own needs coast eat eat eat and seventy two eighteen and reached sixty five. it's expensive earlier it's best to keep trying. but the thing that yet. then there's hope this so called transition period to our list long and the situation on the lights customers aren't rich chocolaty price coast example an
Apr 29, 2014 12:00pm EDT
to those that were polled by "usa today" that said sanction russia but don't arm ukraine, that is what they found out in this poll. >> guest: i disagree. sanctions i don't believe are ever going to work because we'll never have a unified regime of sanctions that are going to have enough teeth where it doesn't hurt western interests as bad. and so we'll never have the types of sanctions. you need sanctions in an, in types of countries that can't bite back. sanctions work good, i think, in north korea, potentially iran. i think it's much more difficult against an economy as large as russia. again, nobody's calling for a u.s. or nato combat troops on the ground to engage, but we are talking about providing some pretty good defensive weaponry, things like antitank weapon, that type of thing, to change putin's calculus so he doesn't mass a full-fledged invasion. give the ukrainian people a chance to stabilize their government, stabilize their country. >> host: i also want to ask you about what secretary of state john kerry said about the mideast peace process. your colleague, senator ted cr
Apr 28, 2014 7:00pm PDT
exports to russia. that we don't think are appropriate to be exporting in the sky to climb. for his part the russian president running off an eventual freeze on defense industry sales whose country. everyone needs to understand we will in any case find an adequate replacement. they're a unique things that are produced by one or two companies but we will be able to baptize the senate question time the money will be in it a bit more expensive it'll take a little time we will survive them and moving forward the partners went to popular and useful. the center of brussels non correspond may make man made. we know that said the skin of the eu ambassadors re convening on wednesday. how far can the eu go wee birdy heard statements from of the british partners of russia's russian oil giant royal snapped. i mean he seemed to think that the very top of it that they're really good and it read twenty eight they betray him. to me. to me that the trip that we can to date. in that situation over the screen. comedic and the plastic tray that if i get to stitch the morning apart from teaching. like on an
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Apr 28, 2014 12:00am PDT
to russia. the eu and u.s. move to impose new sanctions on moscow for its actions in ukraine. >>> and making their point. the l.a. clippers protest in silence after racist remarks attributed to the team's owner. >>> hello, everyone. you are watching "cnn newsroom," and i'm rosemary church. >> i'm john vause. we'd like to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> well, tornadoes are ripping across states in the central and southern u.s. >> parts of arkansas are seeing some of the worst damage. a section of this town was completely destroyed after a storm system moved through on sunday night. officials say at least 12 people have died across the state. the mayor of one hard-hit town explained how extensive the damage is and what emergency crews are doing right now to respond. >> the downtown area seems like it's completely leveled. there's a few buildings partially standing, but the amount of damage is tremendous. utilities, there's gas lines spewing. of course power lines down. houses are just a pile of brick. when i came up through town to get to city hall, there were
Apr 27, 2014 7:00pm PDT
we got news for months religious schools. we begin in ukraine wept for russia. insurgents today freed on appeal a european ends of the sting helpers know that in the country's east and gippsland outs. we own and that they relate to it in for the first time they gave assurances that they won't be missed treat it with a separate events the crowd of several hundred pro russia activists stormed the regional tv broke off the scent to it don't yet have a good mom that the russian state tv channels people call me an awful such as its national president said douglas roberts isn't done yet. he explains now why this particular episode was released the incident. it wasn't because the negotiations have succeeded is really for medical reasons. the swedish o s that siti daughter was released i had diabetes. i clearly know he probably needed so in awe so they decided to release them. that said staff did not bother osce monitors are still very much still being held at this hour by pro russian separatist indiana town of sloppy on square up. i spent the good part of the afternoon watching and waiting
Apr 27, 2014 5:00pm PDT
. attacking people and swatting of thought. propaganda blog. it is the state sponsored russia today programme the us the great estates love the subtlety of twisting be praying that it is with his russian counterpart says it's the shuttle's challenge to the west media monopoly that really weren't watching that i guess that was immediately had absolutely no pity and would never race competition hca is in jail for supporters of the ousted president of the round of tough sentencing sees them in the tree back to egyptian government crackdown against pro more see activists want to. i love mafia run rubbish in a dry heat is making life a toxic held for people to submit to the so called triangle of death the leaping from the capital in the futures showed that this has opted to match the lips of weekly the rest of the top stories of the last of the day since just after eleven pm and nine at first the stories making news all day today in fact the stock with a massive pro unity march that the right wing radicals and easton ukraine's biggest cities and even violent. some seven thousand people took the st
Apr 26, 2014 7:00pm PDT
presidential election but not by enough to avoid a runoff promising to help russia says it will do what it can to secure the release of the team's national observance held by pro moscow rebels in ukraine. still building supplements and release of prisoners the palestinian president gives israel the us conditions. resumption of peace talks. welcome back once we get news are going to loose balls. thank you to join us. the deal with the latest on the afghan presidential election when full preliminary results were released by the independent election commission the north side today. and as expected the former foreign minister abdullah abdullah is in the lead with just under forty five percent all the facts but that's not the fifty percent needed in order to avoid a runoff and second places the ex world bank economists in the form of finance them is that i shot crimea on the inside with around thirty one point five percent of the bible those results will be finalized in mid may will be followed by a rival fifteen days off to travel from all we can speak not to honey pack emu is a need for such on a
Apr 26, 2014 5:30pm PDT
seven countries agreed to move quickly in both new sanctions against russia. and hundreds of thousands of pilgrims are converging on the ground with a double penetration of the late pope john paul the second and john twenty the in eastern ukraine ap international group of observers there holding captive include soldiers and finds the organization for security and cooperation in europe as the negotiators to slow the chance to try and secure their teams relief russia has also said it will help free the observers but the fact that if they aren't backing down. we'll talk to our correspondent in ukraine in a moment but first we have this report these moms are russian gunman appeared to have no intention of touching the osce observers to commence they say there's a prisoner swap the separatists being held by ukraine. today claiming bank kept its well working and spines. they have no relation to any osce mission. as we found maps on them containing information about the location about checkpoints. we get the impression that the officers carrying on a spying mission giving me the thing is stil
Apr 26, 2014 2:30pm PDT
. meanwhile, moves have been made to quickly impose new sanctions against russia. and in rome, preparations are underway for the double canonization of pope john paul pope john xxiii. pro-russian separatists in eastern ukraine say the international group of observers they are holding captive includes soldiers and spies. to secures are trying their release. russia has said it will help free the observers but the separatists are not backing down. we will talk to our correspondent in ukraine in a moment, but first we have this report. >> the pro-russian government appear to have no intention of letting the osce observers go. they are claiming their captives were working as spies. have no relation to any osce mission. indicatingps on them the location of our checkpoint. we get the impression they are officers carrying out a spy mission. >> the 13 member german led team of military observers was traveling under the auspices of the osce when they were detained on friday. a spokesman for the organization confirmed that germany is leading negotiations for their release. >> it's a bilateral mission
Al Jazeera America
Apr 26, 2014 12:00pm EDT
the crisis in ukraine. they are considering another round of sanctions against russia for its actions in ukraine's east. they say pro-russian gunmen are coordinating with moscow. it's worried the osce members could be used as human shields if government forces try to free them. eight observers have been missing for more than 24 hours. ukraine's prime minister has cut short a visit to rome to runner to kiev. >> we urge russia to pull back its security forces, not to prove occasion and not to support russian lead terrorists. deployed in southern ukraine. we edge russia to leave us alone. >> self-declared leaders in slovyansk have accused some of the monitors of espy espionage. barnaby phillips reports >> reporter: on both sides, funerals are becoming political event did. this time, it was pro-russian separatists laying one of their heroes to rest in the town of slovyansk. lubinetz killed by ukrainian soldiers two days ago, now a martyr for his cause. >> love live dombus. ukraine with russia russia. long live donbus >> it's also in slovyansk that the military observers are being held wh
Al Jazeera America
Apr 26, 2014 10:00am EDT
vladimir putin with a new round of sanctions if russia continued to stall on crisis. >> president putin is not a stupid man, and i think recently acknowledged that this has already had an impact. and certainly if the situation gets worse and sanctions are broadened to an entire sector, impact. >> for more i'm joined from london by the u.s. ambassador to the organization for security and cooperation in europe, the osce. what have you heard about the certain observers in slaviansk? can you confirm that they have been detained? >> i have seen the reports about the terrorist tactic of kidnaps which is really disturbing, and certainly we becry that. there is an ocse monitoring mission on the ground. the reports are these are not members of that monitoring mission. separately there are military observers invited by ukraine under a document called the vienna document, that have been rotating through over the last couple of months. the reports seem to indicate that this is a team of those observers, and of course yes ear very concerned about their well-being, and we decry this kind of terrorist
Apr 26, 2014 6:00am PDT
to agree to impose new sanctions against russia. and the world of soccer mourns after former barcelona coach, tito villanova dies of throat cancer at the age of 45. >> we begin in ukraine, where pro-russian separatists in the eastern city are still holding a group of international observers, calling them prisoners of war. the group, which includes four germans, is in the city to monitor the situation there on behalf of the organization for security and cooperation in europe. now, for his part, german foreign minister has called on his russian counterpart to do everything in his power to secure the release of the osce mission members. >> this is where the team of osce observers is set to be, inside the security headquarters, which is currently occupied by armed separatists. the team of 13 includes three german shoulders and an interpreter. berlin wants their immediate release. >> for us, it was important that we could at least inform the families based on eyewitness reports that so far they have been detained without violence. no shots were fired. the german government is using all dipl
Apr 26, 2014 3:00am PDT
on tough new sanctions against russia. the question now, what will the u.s. do and is an invasion imminent? >>> a 16-year-old honor student viciously attacked in the hall of a school. what was the motive? was it over the school's program? >>> a twister hits the tar heel state. warnings of a violent weekend are coming our way. >>> saturday sunshine here. i'm kristi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. 3:00 out west. first this morning, an historic visit, president obama just arrived in malaysia's capital. >> his visit is seven weeks to the day when flight 370 vanished in air. the u.s. is still fully committed to this search. >> he's warning russia is new targeted sanctions are ready to go as tensions in ukraine ramp up. but, he cautioned earlier, they may not get moscow off its back. >> i think it's important for us not to anticipate that the targeted sanctions that we are applying now necessarily solve the problem. >> we'll talk more about russia and ukraine in a moment. as the president arrives in malaysia, a warmer message. >> we want to bring in will in kuala lumpur. good morning to you. we k
Apr 25, 2014 5:30pm PDT
the threat of more sanctions against russia in moscow must stop intimidating ukraine baby you with names and she a country where sexual violence is used as a weapon of war what they want the conflict in eastern ukraine is worse than eating out work by hour and now ukraine says a team of osce observers of the german command has been taken hostage in for the ons the german foreign ministry will only confirm his last contact with the group a pro russian leader in the city says that the spine from kiev was with the observers of the key of defense ministry's as they are negotiating with the separatists to secure the observers released a group of four germans who once we one day and when jack and one pole was a kid was accompanied by several ukrainian soldiers or if we want ago. note to our correspondence even kim who is in the eastern ukrainian city of going yet to lose in what can you tell us what brings up today and the ladies that you've heard about this observer mission well for what's going on nor is it worth getting up at this point. worth pointing out the remainder of the clinton era i
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